Water Damage Mitigation

Flood Damage


When flood damage occurs in Denver CO, it is important that you locate a company that is well-trained and has the equipment to completely dry your flooded house or flooded basement as quickly as possible. You can rely on Spectrum Cleaning and Restoration to provide the training, expertise, experience, and resources to dry your entire structure as quickly as possible with our state of the art equipment and technology.

The first 48 hours of flood water damage is critical to minimizing further damage to your property. You might be tempted to use a shop vacuum to clean up water in your basement or call a company that only has equipment to dry carpet. But water can wick up walls and travel under base molding and sill plates. It will penetrate through floor coverings into sub-floors, even causing flooding in rooms below. Basement flooding can be especially tricky – permeating the area and stored belongings and quickly leading to mold. We use moisture meters to locate moisture that may not be visible or may be hidden behind walls or cabinets, so that our Service Professionals can ensure that all wet materials are dry. Incorrect or delayed action can jeopardize or seriously impede satisfactory restoration.

If humidity inside the structure is not controlled, items that were not damaged from the original water damage could be damaged as a result of absorbing moisture from the air and structures that are not dried out quickly and properly can become a food source for mold growth.

We handle these types of disasters everyday and promise to restore your property to a pre-loss condition as quickly and efficiently as it can be done. Call Spectrum Cleaning and Restoration today at 720-316-6850.